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Paper SOS Bags

Buy a Better Bag - Ideal for Branding, Freshness, & Value.

Some of these are the classic (uncoated) lunch bags you remember from grade school field trips to the zoo. The uncoated bags are a great value when a conventional paper bag is all that's called for. Their coated cousins, however, have a special wax coating that gives them super powers (as far as bags go). The paper on the coated bags allows your contents to breathe while at the same time keeping neat treats fresh. You can also place the coated bags in your freezer without the bag paper getting soggy and weird.

All of these paper bags are the result of a special run commissioned by BRP. The bags are 'naked' with no logos or printing of any kind on the sides. A lot of you brand your boxes and bags with stickers and stamps. We knew it was important we supply you with bags that are ready to receive your brand. Truly blank bags aren't easy to find.

Items below are great for bagel bags, doughnut bags, cookie bags, get the idea.
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Case - 100
$0.24 ea.
Pack - 10
$1.31 ea.

Case - 100
$0.26 ea.
Pack - 10
$1.35 ea.

Case - 100
$0.22 ea.
Pack - 10
$1.27 ea.