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Grease Proof Paper

Grease Proof Paper
Confidently Confine the Moisture of your Morsels with Grease Proof Paper!

Wax paper sheets are no longer the only option to keep the bottom of your boxes spot-free. A very generous baker let us know she had purchased box liners elsewhere and they failed her. Armed with the knowledge that not all food-grade tissues keep moisture at bay, your box makers set out to find grease resistant sheets worthy of your art. We tested a whole bunch of deli paper, basket liners, sandwich paper, and food wraps to see which food-safe barriers worked best at keeping your butter where it belongs.

Behold… your champions!

The FDA food-safe compliant grease proof paper you see below not only provides a faithful barrier for days, but with options in natural kraft or white, you can pair your packaging with a sheet that best compliments your presentation.
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