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Paper Treat Bags

Paper Treat Bags
Purchase Paper Treat Bags and Crank up the Cute!

Please, go to the samples page right now (this very moment) and grab one of each of these tiny paper bags so you can see in real life how adorable they are! Even though Box Maker Ann used normal-sized snacks to show the scale of these petite pouches of paper in the picture, you really have to see them in person.

These "snack sacks" are one of the items we carry that are not made in the Box Shop. Even though these paper treat bags are terrific for toting tasty morsels like cookies, we decided they should get their own page instead of being lumped together with their bigger cousins on the Cookie Bags Page.

Cuteness is not all that sets these apart. These treat bags have a grease-resistant coating on the inside to keep moisture where it belongs.

Perfect for popcorn, pastries, cookies, and confections, these treat bags are as likable as they are little.
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Case - 100
$0.25 ea.
Pack - 10
$1.33 ea.

Case - 100
$0.23 ea.
Pack - 10
$1.30 ea.

Case - 100
$0.26 ea.
Pack - 10
$1.34 ea.