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About BRP Box Shop

We are Your Direct Connection for Great Boxes

We make what we sell. There is no middleman driving up the price. The cost of shipping our boxes to a distributor and having them sit in a warehouse is also absent from the pricing you see on our site. With the exception of our cake pads (also great pricing), the products you buy are designed, cut/windowed/glued/folded/packed and shipped to you - all from the very same building...a stone's throw away from the Mighty Mississippi River.

Want to Be Treated Like a Big Important Customer? Good News!

We price every production run as if it were for one customer getting a price break for volume. This keeps the price per carton low. Every once in a while we get a call from someone ordering a few thousand boxes asking for a price break for volume. Asking that, amounts to good business sense. But truth be told, you are already getting a volume discount because your order is treated as part of one giant order. Of course, if you want to order more than ten thousand of one item at once...you should call.

We Are Fast!

We take pride in our customer satisfaction rating. We talk about your feedback in meetings. We share your comments with the supporters of our business. One thing we hear over and over is how quickly we get your boxes to your door. On any given day you'll find a squad of people buzzing around the back of our building filling orders. From early morning to the time the UPS van backs up to have its suspension challenged, we are working with great haste and efficiency to get your boxes to you. Thanks to all of you who have had so many nice things to say about our speed. It's great to know our scrambling is appreciated.

We Listen!

Your feedback is important for another reason. Having customers considerate enough to share new ideas with a business manufacturing what it sells makes for a relationship between producer and consumer that is all but extinct these days. Imagine going to Wal-Mart and asking to speak with the people who manufacture the socks you are buying because you have an idea to make them better! We get email on how to improve our products and we listen! There is a direct connection between the items we make and sell and the people who buy and use them. We think that's cool. Pink boxes, cupcake boxes, mini cupcake boxes, cake log boxes...these and other popular items exist because of customer feedback and collaboration. If you have an idea, please let us know!