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Refund & Return Policy

Order Carefully. We cannot change or cancel an order after it has been placed.
The box makers here hustle to get your orders out as soon as humanly possible. It isn’t long after your placing an order that your packaging is no longer in our small shop and on its way.

If a customer needs to return product for reasons other than defect, damage from shipping, or anything that would not be considered our responsibility (for instance, the wrong boxes were ordered on accident) the customer will pay the freight to return the product using any method you prefer.   The customer will also be charged a 20% handling/restocking fee.

We do not accept returns without prior authorization from BRP Box Shop.

Our return policy reflects the pride we have in our products.   If you are not satisfied with your order, email us within 30 days of shipment at, and please follow these steps exactly.

  • 1) Use 'Return Request' as the email subject.
  • 2) Include your order / invoice number in the email.
  • 3) Tell us your reason for the return request.
  • 4) Let us know the item number(s) for the cases you wish to return and the number of cases for the item you would like to send back.
  • 5) Please, include your name and phone number.
If your return request is approved, you will get an email from us letting you know what the handling charges will be.   All items have a flat return fee of 20% of the purchase cost.   After your return passes inspection, your card will be credited.   All of us at BRP Box Shop are as committed to customer service as we are to manufacturing great boxes.   If there is an issue, let us know and we'll make it right.

It takes a significant amount of manpower here at the Box Shop to receive, inspect, repack, and restock your returned boxes.   It is also a significant cost to you so please, be careful when initially placing your order.

BRP Box Shop is not responsible for the performance of products when they are deployed in a way that is not in keeping with their intended use. These unsupported “off-label” uses include but are not limited to:
  • Shipping goods. We make and sell some sturdy stuff but our boxes and other packaging elements were not designed for shipping product. The forces that shipped items endure in transit are completely different than those exacted upon packaging designed for someone picking up a beautiful set of cookies from their favorite sugar artist. Shipping baked goods in our packaging may result in damage to the bakery packaging as well as your contents.
  • Freezing and/or refrigerating. Swings in temperature can cause condensation on paperboard and other material. This moisture can discolor, warp, and otherwise weaken the packaging. Cold and heat may also adversely impact the glue used in your packaging and lead to structural failure.
  • Pressurizing, vacuum sealing, heat sealing, taping or any augmentation of the packaging that alters the normal mechanical function of the product and its elements. It is not uncommon for baking artists to break out the scissors and tape to Frankenstein two boxes together to meet a special need. We think this is cool and even inspiring but once a product goes under the knife or is stuck to glue or tape or whatever, its performance ceases to be the responsibility of BRP.
  • Packaging items that are too heavy, too small, too sharp, too big, too wet, too loud, too on-fire, too radioactive, too alive, etc.
We want you to love your boxes and we want you to use them in any way you deem appropriate. If, however, you are putting our boxes in the freezer or using them to ship your work, or using them in any context outside of the utility for which they were designed, BRP Box Shop will not grant any refunds or discounts or be held responsible for bad outcomes.

If you have a desire for a bakery box or other packaging that meets a need beyond what can be reasonably expected from conventional bakery packaging, you may not be alone. Please let us know what you need by sending us an email