Candy Apple Boxes

Buy Candy Apple Boxes to Suitably Spotlight Your Luscious Apples!

Contemporary candy apples carry a sophistication that surpasses their simple caramel covered forebearers. Apples of elevated refinement should be presented in modern packaging that flaunts the fancy!

If your dipped apples are something special, honor your apples with candy apple boxes that fully feature your creative confections. After enjoying the insightful suggestions of candy apple artisans, we made this box with three windows so you can showcase your candy apple creations more completely.

The crystal clear eco-friendly/biodegradable window material wraps around the back side of the structure and works to impede moisture. The special aperture in the top of this candy apple box closes around the stick to give even the top of your apple box a high-end tailored appearance.

Please, don't hide your apple artistry in a boring box!
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Case - 100
$0.67 ea.
Pack - 10
$2.13 ea.

Case - 100
$0.56 ea.
Pack - 10
$1.92 ea.