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Box Shop Answers

Question:Is there really no extra cost for shipping?
Answer:You got it! If you live in the Lower 48, the cost of shipping UPS ground is built into the cost of the boxes. Originally, we built in the shipping price because our small company didn’t have the resources for a system that calculated shipping on our web store. It was a classic small business happy accident because customers tell us on a daily basis (literally) that not having to worry about the unknown additional shipping at the end of the checkout process is HUGE. It’s kind of funny and pretty cool how it’s worked out!

Question:I'm not sure I'm folding this box correctly. Can you put some instructions on your website?
Yes! Please, click on the picture of the box being closed on the right to be transported to a page of instruction showing how to set up our boxes. Our boxes are meticulously designed to be assembled in a specific way for maximum strength, speed, and appearance.

Question:How do I know if my cupcakes will fit your cupcake holders?
We have created a page that gives the dimensions for all of our holders sizes. Click on the Picture to the right to check sizes.

Every once in a while we'll get a call or an email letting us know something must be wrong with the cupcake inserts because cupcakes are sliding right through the holes. This should never happen. Our cupcake holders were designed to be the home for cupcakes baked by filling the paper cups 3/4 full with batter.

Question:I can't see the window in a lot of the box pictures. Do your windowed boxes have a clear material in them, or are they just holes?
Answer:Yes, every windowed box we sell has clear film that protects your baked creations while giving hungry eyes a chance to see what you've made. Because the material is clear, it doesn't photograph well.

Question:I'm doing what I can to run a green bakery and I am so glad I found your Natural Boxes. I am concerned about the plastic used for the window. Is this environmentally safe?
Answer:The Food-safe film used on all of our boxes (not just the Natural Boxes) is not your typical petroleum-based plastic. Yes, it is safe for the environment because it is a cellulose-based product made from plants. Like our line of Natural Bakery Boxes, the wood pulp used to make our window material is harvested in accordance with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard. The SFI certifies practices like replanting more trees than are harvested each year and making sure no endangered hard woods are used. Your bakery box window material is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Question:If your company is concerned about the environment, why don't you make boxes from recycled paper?

We are most definitely concerned about our environment. You can read more about what we are doing by clicking here. Recycled paperboard serves an important role in the box universe and BRP has used “chip board” to make boxes for everything from hair clips to organic shampoo. For bakery boxes, however, we noticed prototypes made from chip board had a tendency to sag. Bakers testing for us in real-world conditions noted the same thing and observed that the recycled material felt flimsy. Chip suppliers let us know that in order to get the same rigidity as our Natural Kraft board, we would need to increase the thickness of the chip board beyond the thickness of our Natural Kraft substrate. The thicker chip board was still not as rigid as Natural Kraft and because chip is more dense, it weighed more which would increase the overall cost to customers because it cost more to ship.

BRP wants to provide the best boxes at the best price with the best environmental outcomes. For now, our Natural Kraft material beats out recycled paperboard for our boxes..

While not recycled, natural bakery boxes use less material than common board boxes, aren't bleached with strong chemicals, and have an organic look true to their environmentally responsible make-up.  They are a good green solution and unquestionably safe for food.

The paperboard material of all of our boxes is recyclable and biodegradable. Please talk to your local recycling center to see if you need to do anything to your boxes to prepare them for processing – for example, tearing the window film out. Our cellulose acetate window material is also biodegradable! As composting people know, the decomposition rate of biodegradable materials is dependent on moisture, light, and other variables so it is worth doing some research if you wish to convert your boxes into stuff to make plants happy.

Question:I do not live in the United States, does your company ship internationally?
Answer: Yes, we fill a lot of orders outside of the US. Getting a shipping quote is fast and easy. Click here to learn more.

Question:Do you sell to distributors?
Answer: Yes. Though our objective is to develop a long-term relationship with bakers by selling to them directly, we provide wholesale-priced products to anyone who wants to buy our stuff. Prices reflect the fact that we make the boxes we sell (no middleman).

There is no special pricing or volume discounts for distributors or resellers. Big distributors, small bakeries, new cookiers, and people in love looking for wedding favor boxes – they all get the same rock-bottom price every day.

Question:How many do I have to buy to get a volume discount?
Answer: Every box we sell through our website has already been discounted as if it were part of one huge order. Because we make the boxes we sell, we pass this volume discount on to everyone who orders from us. You get our rock bottom price every day without any marketing gimmicks.

Question:Will you send me samples?
Answer:Yes! You can order samples for an easy flat rate. Each packaging element counts as one sample, so a base and lid set (two elements) count as two samples leaving you with four more to choose. Please, visit our Samples page to learn more and get your frosted fingers on some samples.

Question:Can you send me a catalog?
Answer: We do not publish a catalog because our list of offerings is constantly changing in order to meet the needs of our customers. This web store is our virtual catalog (even internally) and represents our latest product offerings. We stand ready to offer assistance and hope to hear from you soon if you have any questions.

Question:How long will it take for my order to get here?
Standard method of free shipping is by way of UPS Ground.  Visit our Time for Delivery map by clicking here to see when your order should arrive.  We scramble every day to fill the day's orders to get your boxes to you as soon as possible.  

Thank you to all of the people who have written an email to compliment us on how quickly we get the orders out.  We read your comments and it feels great to know our work is noticed and appreciated.
Question:Can you make custom boxes? Will you do custom printing?
Answer:We are no longer taking custom orders. We are, however, always looking for new product ideas to sell on So, if you have a need for packaging you cannot find elsewhere or simply have a clever concept for a new box, we want to hear from you! All of the items you see on are the result of customer requests, testing, and feedback. Though we are no longer taking new individual custom orders, we love working directly with customers to develop new packaging to better serve the baking artists.

Question:Some of my boxes have stamped into the bottom. Why is this there and is this eventually going to be on all of my boxes?
Answer:BRP started debossing/stamping the bottom of the some boxes after customers began “returning” boxes to us that we did not manufacture. Competitors are imitating or copying our designs but with inferior materials and craftsmanship. With other companies selling what amounts to (as silly as it may sound) counterfeit boxes, discretely debossing the bottom of the box is a way for customers to quickly discern what is or is not a genuine BRP Box Shop product.

Question:Our company would like a year-end total for all our purchases with BRP. Can you provide that?
Answer:Customers with an account can pull up a report to provide exactly this information. Click here to learn more.

Question:Can I use your boxes to ship my baked goods, confections, or anything?
Answer:Our boxes are not designed for shipping. We recommend that you do not use BRP packaging for shipping goods. The physical forces packaging endures in transit are substantial and can damage not only the boxes, but the contents within. That said, thousands of BRP customers have shipped their sugar art using our packaging and have done so successfully. Users of our products do all kinds of things with our boxes that are “off-label” and we celebrate the innovation of the people we get to serve. If, however, you deploy our products in ways that are beyond the designed intent (including shipping), BRP Box Shop cannot be held responsible for anything bad that happens.

Question:Can I use brpboxshop coupon codes or brpboxshop discount codes?
Answer:BRP Box Shop does not issue or accept coupon codes. There are sites falsely advertising coupon codes or discount codes to be used on Sadly, these sites are lying. We do not want anyone wasting time hunting for codes. BRP does not play games with pricing. The cost of a full case of packaging is already priced wholesale. Please beware of scammers scheming to generate revenue from your clicks.