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Cupcake Insert Dimensions

How High, How Wide, How Deep?

This page, like most of what you see on these pages, is here by request. Each of our inserts has been tested 'in the wild' on 'real cupcakes'. There are, however, hundreds of different sized cups, pans, and gobs of general variability when it comes to cupcake sizes. Hope this helps you get what you need to make what you bake, great!

*Special Note: These Should Work for Your Cupcakes As-is.

Every once in a while we'll get a call or an email letting us know something must be wrong with the cupcake inserts because cupcakes are sliding right through the holes. This should never happen. Our cupcake inserts were designed to be the home for cupcakes baked by filling the paper cups 3/4 full with batter. We've found this to be the most common method of cupcake creation and we built your inserts accordingly. If you still aren't sure which cupcake insert might be right for you, please visit our sample page, pick up a cupcake insert sample, and test the comfort of your cupcakes for yourself!

Standard Cupcake Insert - Tray Depth & Hole Diameter

All Standard Cupcake Inserts are 7/8" Deep with a 2 1/2" Diameter Opening
Standard Cupcake Insert Dimensions The cupcake insert diagram on the left illustrates the dimensions of our single standard cupcake insert. Even though the single standard cupcake insert is shown above, the dimensions actually apply to all of our standard cupcake inserts.

Stumpy Standard Cupcake Insert - More Cupcake Clearance
Stumpy Standard Cupcake Inserts are 1/2" Deep with a 2 3/8" Diameter Opening
Mini Cupcake Insert Dimensions Over the last bunch of months, more than a small number of bakers have asked BRP Box Shop to make a shorter standard cupcake insert for your cupcakes – one that is a bit squattier than our traditional cupcake insert. Here it is! This cupcake insert has been in the works a while; we’ve taken steps to make sure it is as spot-on as possible. All of your box makers hope this diagram will help you determine the insert that’s best for your sweet stuff but if there is still any question, please go to our samples page and snag some stumpy standard cupcake inserts to test in your own kitchen.

Mini Cupcake Insert - Tray Depth & Hole Diameter
All Mini Cupcake Inserts are 3/4" Deep with a 1 3/4" Diameter Opening
Mini Cupcake Insert Dimensions This diagram is showing off the measurements of our single mini cupcake insert. Those stilts you see on the bottom are to get that cute little cupcake a little closer to the top of the window. These dimensions illustrate the depth and diameter for our entire line of mini cupcake inserts.

Skinny Mini Cupcake Insert - For Even Daintier Cupcakes
All Skinny Mini Cupcake Inserts are 5/8" Deep with a 1 9/16" Diameter Opening

Skinny Mini Cupcake Insert Dimensions The insert you see to the left is for our Single Skinny Mini cupcake insert. The hole is a bit smaller than the standard mini and we have, by request, lowered the depth of the mini cupcake insert too.

These are not the same
size as a standard mini
cupcake insert!
You asked us to make a smaller mini cupcake insert for your more petite morsels and we did!
The hole for a skinny mini cupcake insert is smaller than a standard mini insert and the depth is shorter too. Bakers thought these up. Bakers tested them. These are baker approved!!

Stumpy Jumbo Cupcake Insert - Tray Depth & Hole Diameter

All Stumpy Jumbo Cupcake Inserts are 5/8" Deep with a 3 1/16" Diameter Opening
Stumpy Jumbo Cupcake Insert Dimensions The marked-up picture seen here is of our single stumpy jumbo cupcake insert but the depth and hole diameter is the same for all of our stumpy jumbo cupcake inserts.

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