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The Sweet Praxis

“We (The Sweet Praxis) are young designers by trade who bonded over our shared love of baking and our passion for changing the world. Naive? Perhaps. But our moms told us we could do anything we put our minds to. We got our start by moonlight baking and selling treats to college students in need of a late night snack. While the kids were grateful, we wanted to make a bigger impact.”

Here are some images of your macarons slider boxes in action! We stamp them with our custom logo rubber stamp and sell them at the local farmers market. The other images show the minicakes (mini cupcakes that we package with custom label stickers in your 4"x4"x2.5" kraft boxes. You can see them in the background of a few of these images.

Thanks for making the macaron boxes in so many options! We hunted for these for so long!

Natalie + Jen
The Sweet Praxis

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