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Sweetwater Baking Co.

A few short weeks later, Sweetwater Baking Company was launched! They started with two small stand mixers and a couple of pounds of flour, added a ton of excitement, whipped in some passion and they were off!

Specializing in from-scratch gourmet desserts, cakes and artisan breads, their business was an immediate smash hit! Just like any award winning recipe, they believe their formula for success is the correct ratio of superior product, fanatical customer service, giving back to the community and a desire to be the best! They are quickly becoming a household name around those parts and they never plan to stop! The way their business has prospered in such a short time has enabled them to give back to the community by supporting local charities and food banks!

From day one they chose to use the blue boxes from BRP because they wanted to stand out from the crowd of white boxes. They wanted folks to see the blue box and know it was Sweetwater Baking Company inside!

"Thanks for making awesome boxes!" - Sweetwater Baking Company

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