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Stephanie's Cupcakes

Some wonderful feedback from Stephanie:

I just purchased the 1 dozen mini cupcakes set (box + cupcake holder) and I love it! It arrived quickly, exactly as stated (I ordered them last week, and got them yesterday :) It was right on time for me to start baking and creating goodies for my friends. I've been trying to find the right boxes to transport these cupcakes and was thrilled when I discovered your website. It was exactly what I was looking for, and the price was great too!

Now I'm not a professional baker or store owner or anything - its just a hobby I have. I gave the cupcakes away today and got compliments on it (And they ALL raved on how nice the boxes are! "So professional looking" --> Couldn't agree more! A friend even asked if I bought them off some bakery ... :) -and yes I recommended your website :)

I just thought I shared my creation with you guys. (As you can see, it fits the mini cupcakes perfectly! Well you already knew that, right? :)

Thank you sooo much for creating this box and make it available to non-store owners too! I will definitely come back for more! And extra thanks for quick (and free!) shipping :)

Thank YOU, Stephanie for such kind words. We love you loving our mini cupcake boxes and mini cupcake holders!

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