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Karen Hubbard

“Found myself having to make 12 dozen cupcakes for an event and wondering how I was going to transport them. Viewed many sites online looking for sturdy packaging and found your site. The day I looked (Wednesday), the box or the insert was out of stock, but you expected them to be back in stock in on Friday. Checked back on Friday and was pleasantly surprised to find them back in stock on the date given. Boxes were easy to assemble and looked great; looked even better filled. Price was better than most other sites I looked at. Will be purchasing from you again in the future, should I find myself having to make/transport dozens of cupcakes again. Photo attached. Thanks!!”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Karen. As much as it bums us out to be out of something our customers want, it does make us happy that the system we developed, works! Bob (our company President) says, “Do what you say you are going to do.” It is one of the principles that guide the people who make your bakery boxes for you. I’m really glad you found your boxes in stock when we said they would be.

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