Instructions for setting up 4" x 4" x 2 1/2" Tenon Lock Boxes

This instruction page is for our 4" x 4" x 2.5" sized boxes that have our tenon lock.

This is what we see out of the box. Place the box on a flat surface with the smoother side down (duller side up).

Pre-fold all panels on crease lines. Do the side panels too and don't forget the front flap of the lid.

To set up the box, fold the middle panel on the side to 90.

The panel with the most holes gets folded over the middle panel. Line up the square holes.

Using the tip of your finger to hold the panels in place, use your other hand to guide the tab of the last panel all the way through the square holes to the inside of the box.

Check and make sure the tab has gone through both panels.

To close the lid, use both hands to guide the triangular bits of the lid into the slots on the outside of the box.

As the front of the lid nears a closed position, move your thumbs over the rounded tabs and guide those into their slots on the front panel. Use your fingers to finish closing the lid.

Your finished box should look like this.

The video shows not only how to set up the box, but also how to open the side without risk of fouling frosting.

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