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The New 14" x 10" x 4" Lock and Tab Box Design

Buying from a Box Shop that actually designs your boxes has its perks!

It is a blast to read emails from customers telling us how wonderful it is to communicate on a personal level with the people who make their bakery boxes. Here in the BRP Box Shop, we talk about how fortunate we are to get to communicate directly with you - the baking community that inspires us to make the most of this unique relationship we've got going. The box you see featured here is one of the ways we're making the most of it. Check out the design details below to see what makes this bakery box so special.

*Note* Box shown below is item #244 and represents the new 14"x10"x4" Box Design.

One of the biggest treats we enjoy in the Box Shop is getting to see how amazing you make our boxes look once you've put them to their purpose. The pictures you email us (this may sound sappy), they are moving! It is an emotional thing to see the humble boxes we've made for you looking so incredible. Not only do your images make us smile, they also provide insight into just how you are loving your boxes. We've noticed that many of you prefer the tuck part of the lid to go on the outside of the box. We have incorporated this into the new design. Having the lid wrap over the top of the box not only makes setup easier, the design also gives your presentation a more polished appearance.

The picture you see above demonstrates what is easily the single most dramatic, and perhaps most welcome, functional enhancement we've made to this 5th generation bakery box. The way this lock works is a big deal. You told us as much and we believe. Challenge: A lock that not only finishes to form a rigid structure but also allows the user to set up the package without forcing fingers into frosting. Without feedback from so many of you, this challenge could not have been met. These baker-inspired locks allow you to erect the back of the box, slide your work into the front, and button the rest up - all without having to reach way down inside where the goodies go.

Some of our Bakery Box Test Pilots are captains of cupcakery. There was glowing commentary from confectionists testing our prototypes in real bakeries stating how wonderful it is to have the lid stop short of the cupcake holder that sits inside the box to keep your cupcakes evenly spaced and secure. There is a harmony in how the cupcake insert and the new box work together to present and protect your cupcakes.