Instructions for One Piece Simplex Box

The window is maximized for size so there is not a lot of paperboard on the top panel. We are going to pre-break the paperboard fibers on the scores of this more delicate panel first.

Lay the box so the folded-in sides of the box are running parallel to your torso. We are going to pre-break the fibers of the most rigid part of the box first – where the gussets meet the window panel. Pin the window panel down to the table by placing your fingertips of one hand just below the score line between the gusset and side panel of the lid. Slide your other hand under the front part of the window panel and bring it up to just past 90° and back down again. Do the same thing to the other corner of the lid.

• Turn the box on the table 90° so the side is now parallel to your torso. With your fingertips press the “frame” of the window panel to the table and with your other hand fold up the adjacent panel to 90° then relax the fold flat again.

• Pin down the other side of the window panel and do the same thing there, folding on the crease line to 90° and unfold flat.

• Spin the box on the table so the window is away from you and the sides are running perpendicular to your body. On the crease line that runs along the length of the front just outside the gussets, fold the panel over to the full 180° and unfold flat again.

• Working your way in to the next score line, use your fingers on the gussets again and fold the gussets and panel up to just past 90° and then back flat.

• Keep moving towards the window and fold the score for the bottom of the base all the way over 180° and then unfold the box flat again.

• Spin the box so the window is close to you. Fold at the score just outside the gussets to 180° and unfold flat.

• Using both hands stand up the side panels of the lid till they form right angles.

• Use your thumbs to push in on the center folds of the gussets to get things started.

• While holding the sides open with your fingers, guide the panel up and over the gussets locking the foot of the panel in place with your fingertips. It is ok if the feet of the lid slide under the feet of the side panels. The lid will true-up once it is closed over the base.

• Spin the box so the base is closest to you. Do what you did on the lid. Erect the sides to right angles and use thumbs to fold the gussets in again and lock the foot of the panel against the feet of the side panels.

• In the back of the base, fold the back flaps in 90°.

• It is easiest to close the lid if you first fold up that back panel to vertical so it is flat against the little flaps you just folded in the back.

• The walls of the lid are meant to hug the base so you may need to help them around the bottom of the box when closing the lid.

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