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Folding Instructions for 4x4x4 Simplex Box Base

Some of our boxes are designed to set up halfway, stick in the sweets, and then button them up the rest of the way. This box is different. First, you set up the box completely and then populate its boxy void with your creative contents.

This is the flat packed box you'll get via Mr. McFeely's Speedy Delivery (actually, UPS). Let's get to it!

The box goes together nicer if you first fold the panels along the creases. The tabs at the ends of the outermost panels fold away from the inside of the box.

In the box biz, we call this step ‘pre-breaking’ the scores. Preliminary folding trains the paper fibers to understand their destiny - allowing the carton to work with you to arrive at its final form.

If there is a tricky part to erecting a simplex box, it is this next part. Perforated paperboard webbing spans the triangle between the front and back panels. These bits on the box are called ‘gussets’. Saying this word is fun. It bounces around inside your mouth like a bottle rocket with a broken stick. Go ahead; say it out loud, g-u-s-s-e-t-s.

As you fold the side panel and back panels up (like a barn raising in Amish country) kiss the halves of the gusset together with a pinching motion using your thumbs and fingers.

Once the gusset halves are flattened together, snug them up against the inside wall – the same side as the panel that has the Spock ear wing things attached to the big flap.

You want to hold the folded gussets against the inside wall until you get the big flap started on its hinged swing to the inside.

If the gussets are allowed to slop forward, they will get in the way of the swinging panel and put a crinkle near the score. The box will still work, but it won’t be maximum awesome. This section reads more ominous and difficult than it is.

Shove that hinged panel with the tabs all the way down inside of the box till it is flat against the panel it is hinged to.

The Spock ear tabs should lock behind the spaces cut from the glued panels on the sides of the box.

That little bit of paperboard at the end of the panel is the foot. It should lay flat on the bottom of the box so its toes (figurative, no one in the packaging industry refers to toes) point toward the center of the structure.

Folding the Spock ear wing tabs back at a right angle will make for a lovely final act in your box’s construction.

Don’t forget to hold back the gussets till you get the last panel well on its way to home.